Mars Rocks!

An online grand scale tour of Mars.  During the 45 minute lesson, students will describe their current understanding of environments on Mars and Earth using the worksheet provided. The conclusion of the lesson will ask students to assess their previous understanding of Mars and construct a new representation based on the application of new knowledge they have received.

The program includes

  • a PowerPoint presentation, and guidance from an Areologist (a Mars geologist) where students will examine large scale geologic features on Mars.
  • an interactive session for student questions.
  • consolidation of students’ understanding through use of a compare and contrast activity using geologic features on Mars with similar features on Earth and investigation of the environments that have made them, on an included worksheet.

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Video-conferencing via Webex; 1 class lesson; maximum 24 students.

Half-day, $55 per class plus GST.

Please ask whether your school is eligible for a subsidy.

*Interstate ,International and Homeschooled  students P.O.A. (Price on Application)

Years 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Supporting PDF  – This document requires access to the internet, with links to YouTube and the Dept of Education.