Reach for the Stars

Students build and launch water rockets which are simple, cheap, safe, guaranteed to fly and can be launched repeatedly. Every rocket will fly! Students leave with a grasp of how forces act on the rocket at various stages in the launching, flight and landing process.

  • Students work in pairs, helping each other build and launch rockets.
  • Requires an area between 20 and 50 metres long by 20 metres wide: the school oval is ideal.
  • The aim is to hit a 5 meter Mars target.
  • Students are promised at least two launches of each rocket.
  • Outreach program only available to Victorian Government Schools

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Up to 3 classes per day may be run, subject to individual schools’ timetables and requirements.

Maximum group size: 30 students
Minimum group size: 12 students

Time required: 2 hours per class

$12 per student (plus GST); please ask whether your school is eligible for a subsidy.

Years 3 to 10.

Includes all material and tools apart from water; some students may get a little wet.