The Size of Your Sol

This program gives students a realistic feel for the relative sizes of the Sun and planets and for their orbits compared with their diameters as they actually are on the day of the program. An 8 metre diameter star is laid out as a representation of the Sun. Students

  • use sets of planets scaled to match to work out how many times each planet fits across the face of the Sun, using counting, multiplication, addition and ratios.
  • imagine the Sun shrunk down to a little over one millimetre.
  • take a set of numbered flags which represent the orbital radii of the planets, order them and place them along number lines which extend out from the Sun in the centre to Neptune, the furthest planet.
  • estimate positions along the number line and learn to understand the slowly-changing positions of the Earth and other planets.
  • Outreach program only available to Victorian Government Schools, for year level 3-6.
  • Onsite @ VSSEC available to year level  5-6 only

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1 class per session (9:30am-12pm or 12pm-2:30pm)


2 classes per day, may only  be booked  and paired with the Expedition to the M.A.R.S. Base Program   for a full day ,9:30am-2:30pm . (See MORE INFORMATION)

$12 per student (plus GST);


$22 per student (plus GST)  for full day teamed with Expedition to the M.A.R.S. Base Program

Please ask whether your school is eligible for a subsidy.

*Interstate ,International and Homeschooled students P.O.A. (Price on Application)

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

This program works well in conjunction with Expedition to the M.A.R.S. Base. This may also be booked to make a full day.

Preparing for your visit, essential information.