Mission to Mars

Students work as a team and use their problem-solving skills to successfully complete a geological survey of the Mars surface. Students wear specially-designed spacesuits and act as astronauts, mission controllers and research scientists. Mission Control officers communicate via radio to the astronauts on the surface, and are responsible for their safety and the success of the scientific mission.

  • Astronauts collect their equipment, de-pressurise in the airlock, and step out onto the Martian surface to collect real soil and rock samples, drill an ice core, conduct a thermal survey and measure seismic activity.
  • After returning to earth, students analyse their samples and undertake further scientific investigations in the laboratory.

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1 class, full day  9:15am Р3:15pm

24 students maximum, 12 minimum.


2 teachers/staff must attend with the students for this program Рsee terms and conditions 

$37 per student (plus GST).

Please ask whether your school is eligible for a subsidy.

*Interstate ,International and Homeschooled students P.O.A. (Price on Application)

Years 8 ,9 ,10

The program is supported by a pre-mission training package including classroom activities and a debriefing program after the class returns to Earth.

STROBE WARNING: During this excursion, students will be exposed to theatrical strobe lighting effects. Please indicate if any of your students are susceptible, so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Please find pre-mission material for the Mission to Mars Program here

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