Star Search is an educational game designed by VSSEC and created by LaTrobe University students.

Playing Star Search involves an initial 20 minute videoconference session in which VSSEC staff iintroduce students to the stars. They can then play the game.

Students select a spaceship that will fly to distant stars where they collect information about stars that include temperature, brightness and mass. Of course, there will be obstacles to avoid and dangers to face during their journey...

Students will then plot their data on a simplified graph.

During a second 40 minute videoconference VSSEC staff will help students interpret their graph (a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram). Students discuss their findings with VSSEC staff and discover relationships between star mass, temperature, brightness and ultimate destiny, (30-40 min).


System Requirements:

Star Search is a Java application and requires the latest version of the Java Runtime to operate. Being a Java based application, it will not function on phones and most tablets.

The link below, (scroll down), points to a standalone .JAR file.

Download it, save it to your computer, (not your network), and run it as a stand-alone application.



To avoid issues with Star Search, please firstly make sure your computer meets the system requirements. If you are still having issues, contact your IT Department or alternatively contact us and we will be happy to help.

At a Glance


    Max students per mission: 24


    Cost: $30 plus GST per class


    For students in Secondary