Will It Fly?

The VSSEC Wind Tunnel is lent to your school; an educator visits to both set up and introduce students and teachers to its operation. Students are introduced to the principles of flight and are challenged to design and construct a prototype wing, collecting Lift and Drag data. During the week, students in class have a chance to revisit the prototype data they have collected to construct another, improved, wing, justifying design changes made on data analysis. The educator returns to discuss the changes and data that students have collected and to collect the wind tunnel. Students actively

  • conduct investigations to collect and record data.
  • analyse and evaluate data, methods, and scientific models.
  • take a qualitative approach when identifying and analysing experimental data with reference to accuracy, precision, validity, uncertainty and errors.
  • draw conclusions; use appropriate terminology, representations and conventions; discuss relevant information, ideas, concepts, theories and concepts and the connections between them.

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Loan period one week, with introduction and follow-up from VSSEC educators.

Price on application, includes two visits by staff, needed resources and renting of the equipment.

Year 10.

This program allows students to use equipment typically found at a university or industry level. They collect and analyse strain gauge sensor data mapped to lift and drag.