VCE Unit 4 Chemistry

VCE Chemistry, Unit 4 Outcome 3

Students undertake a major laboratory program at school and practical application at VSSEC

TO REFLECT THE CHANGES IN THE 2024 STUDY DESIGN, VSSEC has  elected to work within Unit 4 Outcome 3: How is scientific inquiry used to investigate the sustainable production of energy and/or materials? With a focus on biodiesel synthesis in the school laboratory and machine analysis at VSSEC.

The outline of the day will be as follows:

  1. GC-MS analysis of student samples using F.A.M.E.S as a baseline for comparison.  Students will use a diluted (hexane) sample of the biodiesel to identify the esters present within their samples.
  2. IR transmittance analysis of bonds within biodiesel with comparison to petrochemical diesel and F.A.M.E.S
  3. IR absorbance analysis of the concentration of student synthetised biodiesel, by comparison of standard B100 concentrations
  4. Calorimetry of student synthesised biodiesel
  • NOTE: SMALL class groups less than 10 students may  be accommodated even though date is blocked, to enquire
    please contact us HERE.

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Full-day : 9:00am-3:30pm

18 students maximum

A maximum of 2 teachers can accompany the students at no cost.


$37 per student (plus GST) (Interstate and international students P.O.A.)

Please ask whether your school is eligible for a subsidy.

*Interstate ,International and Homeschooled students P.O.A. (Price on Application)


Year 12.

All equipment, workbooks, reagents and materials used during the program.


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