The Magnetic World

A two-hour, hands-on exploration of magnetism. Although magnetism is not explicitly mentioned in Vic Curriculum, the compass is an example of an invention used to solve problems and magnetism is a good example of a force which acts from a distance. Students

  • investigate how compasses work.
  • play with magnets to get a feel for the attraction and repulsion and use iron powder to see the shape of the magnetic field around magnets to discover that like poles repel and unlike poles attract.
  • make a fridge magnet that they can keep and a folded comic book about magnetism that can also be a fridge magnet.
  • discuss the generation of Earth’s magnetic field and learn how Earth’s magnetic field protects the Earth from Solar particle radiation.

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1 class per booking, may be booked as a pair with a second program. See MORE INFORMATION.

$10 per student (plus GST). Interstate and international students P.O.A. Please ask whether your school is eligible for a subsidy. Combined with a second program, $20 per student plus GST.

Years 5 and 6.

This program works well in conjunction with Expedition to the M.A.R.S. Base. This may also be booked to make a full day.

Includes all magnets, compasses, iron powder, a super strong neodymium magnet pair and a globe with its own magnetic field.

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