Rock and Mineral ID Parade

Hands-on geology demonstrating the differences between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and between rocks, minerals and crystals. VSSEC educators bring all necessary materials to your school. Students

  • break rocks to help them identify the different types.
  • use mind maps to identify their samples of rocks and use scratch tests, acid tests and visual tests to identify their crystals.
  • may keep any minerals or crystals they break out of the rocks.

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FREE to rural and urban disadvantaged schools. POA.

Years 8 and 9.

VSSEC educators visit your school with the equipment required for this activity.

Students may keep any minerals or crystals they break out of the rocks.

It is desirable, though not essential, that students explore a VSSEC website which has useful background information. The sheet has links in it which take students to the particular bits we want them to see. VSSEC suggests that this program be delivered in the “flipped” lesson style to allow students to explore the website in their own time and then apply their knowledge. Flow charts and worksheets which students use are also available together with examples of good and bad of work.

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