Radio Astronomy: The Invisible Universe

Turn your students into real Astronomers where they utilise a real, dedicated radio telescope to probe a region of deep-space in search of distant celestial object activity such as stars, supernova and supermassive blackholes.

Students will:

  • Learn more about stars, blackholes and other deep-space objects before selecting an object to survey with the telescope
  • Use a real radio telescope to discover stars, pulsars, supermassive blackholes, and other phenomena deep in our galaxy – and or even entire galaxies beyond ours
  • Learn more about the various ways of making astronomical discoveries
  • Appreciate the coordinate systems used by actual astronomers to track objects in space
  • Contribute to a real bank of scientific knowledge

This program would be an ideal extended investigation for the latest VCE Physics Study Design, but is designed to be accessible to all secondary levels.

Note that this is a Virtual Program where VSSEC provides materials & telescope access and the session(s) are organised and delivered by the school using their teaching staff. Bookings are for exclusive control of the telescope and not for an incursion/excursion.

Funded by the Victorian Government through their Challenge and Enrichment Series for high ability students as identified by their school. Available to Victorian Government Schools only.

Victorian Government regional and rural schools are also eligible for our VSSEC STEM Academy. Find out more HERE.

Select booking option:

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Teacher Led, Blended Experience @ School: It’s not a site-visit, excursion, or incursion. We provide the digital access, the curriculum resources, and the support. You deliver the learning in the school in a way that meets your school’s needs.

Available for Victorian Government Schools only.

This program is free of charge.

Groups of all sizes at Year 7+ ability.


Bookings are 9am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm.  Flexible evening and weekend sessions are also available.

We recommend at least one session per class.

In this blended-model program, VSSEC provides your school with digital control access to our Telescope, a range of resources and a recommended curriculum plan. However, how you deliver this in the classroom setting is up to you and your school.

There are no event bookings for this program – rather, there is a resource booking requirement where you select a day that your school takes exclusive control of the telescope via a digital interface.

For more general information, Download the Information Brochure HERE.

Link to Australian Curriculum Radio Astronomy Australian Curriculum