Problem Red Planet

Students will collaborate with Martian Astronauts in Australia’s first long-term research base on Mars. They will work collaboratively to develop numeracy skills in computational- and critical-thinking to support a successful mission. Students will have their resilience challenged when dealing with changing circumstance…

  • Students will take on the role of a Mission Controller, and a Tech Support officer to support their astronauts and prove, mathematically, that an evolving mission will be successful.
  • Grounded in research, this scenario-based program aims to challenge students developing skills in numeracy. This program has been designed around The Martian.
  • Students will describe and justify descriptions of problems related to food security, power requirements, and the required oxygen and fuel to support their astronauts.


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1 class, full day  9:15am – 3:15pm


24 students maximum, 12 minimum


2 teachers/staff must attend with the students for this program – see terms and conditions 

Price on application.

Please ask whether your school is eligible for a subsidy.

*Interstate ,International and Homeschooled students P.O.A. (Price on Application)

Years 7 & 8

The program is supported by a pre-mission training package including classroom activities and a debriefing program after the session.

STROBE WARNING: During this excursion, students will be exposed to theatrical strobe lighting effects. Please indicate if any of your students are susceptible, so that we can make appropriate arrangements.


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