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Project Based Learning 101 – PD

VSSEC is excited to offer the opportunity to participate in a PBL101: a 3-day professional development program designed by world leaders in Project Based Learning, PBLWorks. In consultation with VSSEC this workshop has been specifically tailored by PBLWorks to turn your Mission to Mars experience into a Gold Standard Project. This professional development opportunity is only being advertised to teachers, like yourself, bringing students to VSSEC’s Mission to Mars program this year.

Details are as follows:

Dates: 12th, 13th, 14th of July

Location: Online

Cost: $300 per participant ($100 per day)

Participant number: If possible, more than one teacher per school is encouraged to apply.

Enrol by: Friday, 16th of June.

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As part of our commitment to student learning through the Mission to Mars program, VSSEC is aiming to support teachers before and after your excursion by turning your event into a Project Based Learning opportunity. In PBL101, a PBLWorks instructor will help you to set a vision for PBL (day 1), develop your project (day 2) and bring your project to life (day 3). Outcomes of this workshop include:

  • Developing a personal vision for how Gold Standard PBL serves students and their communities.
  • Planning Gold Standard projects that teach meaningful learning goals and are relevant to students and their communities.
  • Include well curated resources, effective learning experiences, and purposeful assessments to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged and supported as they mose through the project path.
  • Engage students in learner-centered practices driven by sustained inquiry throughout the project.
  • Balance structure and flexibility in the project facilitation, using varied forms of evidence to ensure that all students grow in relation to learning goals.
  • Turn your Mission to Mars experience into a genuine, authentic Project Based Learning opportunity.