How Do Heavy Things Fly?

VCE physics, unit 2, outcome 1, area of study 2, option 2.5

Students explore principles surrounding controlled flight. Areas covered – lift, drag, gravity, thrust and angle of attack – give focus to exploring Bernoulli’s principle, differences in aircraft performance at supersonic and subsonic speeds and the stall potential of an aircraft. Students

  • use equipment typically found at a university or in industry.
  • design and create an aerofoil based on the principles of functioning aircraft.
  • analyse and test their design using a purpose-built Wind Tunnel to collect flight data.
  • compare their aerofoil designs and argue about what forces are contributing to lift, drag, gravity, thrust and stall.

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Loan period one week, with introduction and follow-up from VSSEC educators.

$750 Plus GST. This includes two visits by staff, needed resources and renting of the equipment.

Year 11.