How Do Heavy Things Fly?

VCE physics, unit 2, outcome 1, area of study 2, option 2.5

The VSSEC Wind Tunnel is lent to your school. An educator visits the school to both set up and introduce students and teachers to its operation.

Students explore principles surrounding controlled flight. Areas covered – lift, drag, gravity, thrust and angle of attack – give focus to exploring Bernoulli’s principle, differences in aircraft performance at supersonic and subsonic speeds and the stall potential of an aircraft. Students

  • use equipment typically found at a university or in industry.
  • design and create an aerofoil based on the principles of functioning aircraft.
  • analyse and test their design using a purpose-built Wind Tunnel to collect flight data.
  • compare their aerofoil designs and argue about what forces are contributing to lift, drag, gravity, thrust and stall.

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Loan period one week, with introduction and follow-up from VSSEC educators.

Price on application, includes two visits by staff, needed resources and renting of the equipment.

Please ask if your school is eligible for a subsidy.

Year 11.