Chemical Analysis

VCE Chemistry, Unit 2; area of study 2, (How are substances in water measured and analysed?)

An analytical investigation of a top secret incident aboard the International Space Station. All students use the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, the UV-Visible Spectrometer and the Gas-Liquid Chromatograph. Instrumental analysis, including the calibration of the instruments and the preparation and use of standard solutions and samples, is performed directly by the students.

  • Experiment 1: Determination of the concentration of caffeine in coffee by High Performance Liquid Chromatograph
  • Experiment 2: Determination of the concentration of Calcium and Magnesium in a range of water samples by Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Experiment 3: Determination of the concentration of iron in multi-vitamin tablets by UV-Visible Spectrometer.

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Full-day; 24 students maximum.

$35 per student (plus GST) Interstate and international students P.O.A. Please ask whether your school is eligible for a subsidy.

Year 11.