2020 Space Discovery Experience

Discover what it’s like to be a real Astronomer and Mars Rover Mission Controller in this unique opportunity for students.

In this unique hands-on opportunity, students will be real Astronomers using our recently commissioned radio Observatory where they will get to investigate and map stars deep in the galaxy. They’ll also take on the role of Mission Controllers in our Mission Control Centre where they will plan and run their own Mars Rover mission.

Our experienced Mission Advisors will facilitate this day-long experience where students get to take control and make their own decisions about discovering more about our galaxy—and beyond.

This limited-run Discovery program is ideal for an end-of-year experience for groups of students who show a keen interest in space and technology, or a desire for a fresh and real-life academic challenge beyond the classroom.

Presented as part of the Victorian Challenge & Enrichment Series

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Minimum of 16 students; Maximum of 24. Students must be from the one school campus and preferably all the same year-level cohort.

Free for Victorian Government schools. Bus reimbursement might be available.

Full-day (9am – 3pm). Ability levels of Year 7 and above.